iShoe helps the elderly by providing balance feedback

As much as I want to give a knee-jerk snarky treatment to something called the iShoe, I just can’t. The iShoe is designed to help determine how well the wearer is balancing by sensing pressure variations over time. The sensor and corresponding software is being developed to help the elderly catch early warning signs of failing balance. The information is recorded and then that data should be able to help a doctor determine their patient’s needs.

As funny as people falling down can be, old people falling down isn’t as much fun. The numbers ain’t good, with an estimated 300,000 annual hip fractures. No fun for anybody.

The iShoe (grrr) is being developed by Erez Lieberman who got the idea while interning at NASA. When astronauts return from zero gravity, they need time to readjust their balance. Lo and behold, the iShoe (Grrr) was born.

Lieberman and his research partner, Katharine Forth, are still conducting tests to determine if the iShoe (GRRR) will be able to withstand the constant pounding that it would surely take. I sincerely wish them good luck as they try to help an age-old problem for the elderly. But, just as much so, please, please do not call that thing an iShoe if it ever comes to market. (Ahhh).