Samsung Soulb (U800) gets pink'd up

When the Samsung Soul went pink back in June, we were a bit surprised that it’s younger brother, the Soulb, wasn’t getting the same treatment.

Turns out, it was – it’s just a few months late to the party. The UK’s Phones4u has announced that they will be exclusively offering a pink Soulb starting in October. It’s all the same inside (HSDPA, 3 megapixel camera with LED flash, and 1 gb internal memory), with a pretty-in-pink casing wrapped around it.

Best part? Dudes who wanna rock the pink but fear the hassling of their buddies have a more than valid excuse: for every Soulb sold, just under 20 bucks (£10) will be donated to fighting breast cancer.

[Stuff Via Engadget]