Verizon Blitz looks really beautifu—aw, I can’t do it!


Like a shot in the eye from squirt gun filled with horseradish juice, here comes the Verizon Blitz. Gah! I’m guessing that early photos don’t do the device justice but, then again, it’s going to be offered as a pre-paid INpulse phone so maybe looks aren’t as important as features.

And features, it does (sorta) have: VCAST, microSD expansion up to 4GB, stereo Bluetooth, VZ Navigator, and a 1.3-megapixel camera. The phone was originally floated as the UTStarcom TXT8010 back in April, so you may remember it if you’re into various FCC filings and other exciting endeavors like that.

Price? Not sure yet. Availability? Wal-Mart on August 8th and Best Buy on September 28th. I’m guessing it’ll be priced at around $100 or so. That’s just me, though.