Anti-P2P provisions in college funding bill


The Senate has passed the Higher Education Act (the House passed it earlier this year), which, among other things, provides for federal monies for student loans. What’s most interesting to us here is a provision in the bill, which it’s expected that President Bush will sign into law, that tells college campuses to rein in wanton P2P downloading. To that end, the MPAA will provide colleges with some sort of “briefing book” on how to curtail downloading.

Expect mandatory filtering as well, college students.

As we all know, college students are proficient at at least two things: drinking and illegal downloading. Fun fact: I was invited to join an Xbox release group in 2004 because of my fast Internet connection. That’s what you get for idling in IRC all day long. Who knows how different my life would be had I accepted the position.

It’s hard to get mad at the MPAA and RIAA for wanting to protect their livelihood, but that they could so easily influence the legislative process is somewhat annoying. Not entirely unexpected, just annoying.