Arduino sleep-tracker DIY

Anita Lillie at the MIT Media Lab created an Arduino-based sleep tracker to process where she keeps her arms while thrashing in the great deep sea of sleep.

The best part is that she created a graphing system that shows her movements and positions while she slept.

My main problem with waking up in the morning is that feeling of grogginess along with an intense desire to sleep more. However, I’ve noticed that sleeping without an alarm clock, and just waking up whenever I wake up, helps. And I’ve also noticed that sometimes when I wake up I am dramatically more refreshed than usual. Reading about sleep on the web led me to learn more about sleep cycles. One interesting page (“The power of the Sleep Cycle”) claimed that it wasn’t the amount of sleep one gets, but the part of the sleep cycle we wake up in. The author suggested that, because we sleep in cycles about 90 minutes long, we should aim to wake up in the transition between sleep cycles, since the brain is more alert and refreshed at that time.

A noble goal and a great way to look like a cyborg while you sleep.

via Make