Asus still sticking with the whole 7-inch screen thing


The Asus Eee line of 7-inch netbooks appears to be alive and kicking, thanks to some images over on Eee PC News (in German). It’s believed that the Eee PC 701SD will come in three flavors (see this leaked slide); one marked “701SD(30G HDD)”, one simply marked “701SD”, and one marked “701SD-4G”, so we’ve got one with a 30GB standard hard drive, one with a 4GB flash drive, and one with who-knows-what.

Aside from that, Laptop notes some subtle updates in the form of a chassis similar to the 901 series (except for the round edges), a new logo on the lid, slightly separated touchpad buttons, and the assumption that these machines will use Intel’s Atom processor. I’d really like to see the screen resolution get pushed to at least 1024 pixels wide versus the current crop of 7-inchers’ 800 pixel wide resolution. It just makes so much more sense for web browsing.

More detailed specs, pricing, and launch dates are yet to be revealed but, hey, Asus has plans to release a total of 23 different models when all is said and done. So maybe we’ll just see these falling into our laps, rapid-fire style.