Hack together a nine-cell battery for the MSI Wind


If you’re not yet turned off by MSI’s recent price hikes or you have a three-cell version of the Wind already, a post over in the MSI Wind Forums details how to turn the small-ish three-cell battery into a whopping nine-cell battery.

It looks relatively easy if you’re really determined, although I’d likely not attempt anything that involved slicing the battery open with a box cutter. Finding the extra six cells to add to the standard three cells might be a bit difficult, too, as the forum poster simply says that he was able to “get a source of the same batteries that are in the Wind” but doesn’t detail how the rest of us could get our hands on those batteries.

If you’re the daring type, though, here’s a brief overview of the process.

First, you open up the front side of the battery using a small flathead screwdriver to pry each end apart. Opening the back side is more tricky and requires slicing a series of tabs off with a box cutter (“they’re obviously not meant to be separated”). Then, the dividers inside the battery casing are all removed to make way for the six extra cells that’ll be added.


Then, you have to finagle the metal tabs into making contact with the four cells on each of the outside corners of the battery pack. If you can manage to do all that without destroying your battery or hurting yourself, it looks like you’ll be able to squeeze out over seven hours of use.

Much more detailed instructions can be found here.

[via jkOnTheRun]