NetShare iPhone tethering app goes up, then down, then back up

With many a smart phone, tethering (sharing your phone’s internet connection to another device, generally a computer) is a standard option. Not so on the iPhone 3G, which generally a requires good bit of hackery and finagling to tether.

When NullRivers’ $10 iPhone tethering application NetShare hit the App Store on Thursday, the iPhone-bearing internet rejoiced. Finally, tethering for the masses! Pages were downloaded, videos were streamed, and iPhone-shaped gum drops rained from the skies. That is, until the application got pulled about 20 minutes later.

While all was mum on Apple’s end (with even the developers left in the dark), the forums were ablaze. Some blamed Apple. Others blamed AT&T. It was the topic of the evening.

Then the application reappeared, and at the time of writing, still remains. While it doesn’t seem to show up in the main listings, it can be found quickly via search.

I played with the app a bit this afternoon. While it definitely does what it’s intended to do, the initial set up is a bit convoluted, with instructions that may be a bit confusing for non-power users. It’d be nice to see NullRiver push a companion application to act as a connection assistant on the PC end, automating things a bit for Joe Schmoe who heard about the application from the IT guys at work.

Unless NullRiver hears something from Apple, the status of the application will stay up in the air. If you’ve got $10 bucks to burn and you’re looking to tether, you can grab the application here (iTunes link).

[Via AppleInsider]