Not Australia, Japan introduces the world's smallest projector

Japan might have lost a battle in patent application filing to the US, but even a fantastic country such as Australia can’t beat them when it comes to miniaturization.

It looks like Tokyo-based Nippon Signal (and not Mint Wireless based out of Australia) managed to develop what might be the smallest projector in the world. The device was recently showcased at Exhibition Micromachine/MEMS, a yearly trade show with a focus on micro systems technology.

The micro projector is sized at just 90x55x20mm, making it about as compact as a cigarette box (Mint’s product measures 125x55x23mm). The Japanese product features a resolution of  800×600 (SVGA), which isn’t quite HD but acceptable given the size of the device (resolution of the Mint projector: 640×480 in 4:3 mode).

Nippon Signal’s invention has a major drawback though: It’s just a prototype, while Mint’s projector is scheduled for release next month. Whatever, as a Teuton, I am betting on the Germans in this race anyway.

Via Tech-On