Now's your chance to spend $130 on Matrix DVDs

This is timely for me, actually; I just watched a 720p version of The Matrix a couple days ago and was completely surprised by how well it holds up. Fantastic movie. Of course, the next two were pretty booboo, but to balance out this enormous boxed set they’ve included the great Animatrix and something like 35 hours of additional features. I’d be interested in finding out more about their huge highway setup for Reloaded, but many of the effects (revolutionary at the time) were let out of the bag long ago for Discovery channel documentaries and such. It costs a bill and a half with taxes.

There’s a full seven discs for you to waste your life with. Clicky the link below for the full features set.

Got this big list from IGN.

Disc #1 – The Matrix (1999)

* In-Movie Experience
* Written introduction by the Wachowski brothers
* Philosophers commentary by Dr. Cornel West, Ken Wilber
* Critics commentary by Todd McCarthy, John Powers, David Thomson
* Cast and crew commentary by Carrie-Anne Moss, Zach Staenberg and John Gaeta
* Composer commentary by Don Davis with music-only track
* The Matrix Revisited
* Making The Matrix The Dance of the Master: Yuen Wo Ping’s Blocking Tapes
* The Bathroom Fight and Wet Wall
* The Code of the Red Dress
* The Old Exit: Wabash and Lake
* Agent Down
* But Wait- There’s More
* Take the Red Pills
* Follow the White Rabbit
* The Music Revisited
* Marilyn Manson Music Video Rock is Dead
* Trailers

Disc #2

The Matrix digital copy for use with Windows Media and iPod portable devices

Disc #3 – The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

* In Movie Experience
* Written introduction by the Wachowski brothers
* Philosophers commentary by Dr. Cornel West, Ken Wilber
* Critics commentary by Todd McCarthy, John Powers, David Thomson
* Behind The Matrix
* The Matrix Unfolds
* Pre-Load
* Get Me an Exit
* The MTV Movie Awards Reloaded
* The Freeway Chase
* Oakland Streets and Freeway: Unseen Material
* Tour of the Merovingian’s Garage
* Queen of the Road
* Arteries of the Mega-City: The Visual Effects of the Freeway Chase
* Foresight: Pre-planning the Mayhem
* Freeway Truck Crash: Anatomy of a Shot
* Fate of the Freeway
* Freeway Action Match
* Teahouse Fight
* Unplugged
* I’ll Handle Them
* The Exiles
* Additional footage
* Enter the Matrix: The Game
* Enter the Matrix
* Music video – P.O.D. Music Video Sleeping Awake

Disc # 4 – The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

* In-Movie Experience
* Behind the Story
* Written Introduction by the Wachowski Brothers – The Wachowski brothers give you an introduction to their groundbreaking film
* Philosophers Commentary by Dr. Cornel West, Ken Wilber – Dr. West and Ken Wilber discuss their thoughts and opinions of the film
* Critics Commentary by Todd McCarthy, John Powers, David Thomson – Film Critics
* Todd McCarthy, John Powers and David Thompson express their thoughts on the film
* Revolutions Recalibrated – Explore the story before the revolution
* Neo Realism: The Evolution of Bullet Time – See how the Bullet Time technique has evolved since the first film
* CG Revolution – Go inside Zion and see how VFX were used in “The Siege” sequence
* Super Big Mini Models – Take a look at how miniatures were used in the film
* Double Agent Smith – Join the crew as they show you how they created multiple
* Agent Smiths for the final fight
* Mind Over Matter: The Physicality of The Matrix – Going into training and learn what the actors physical demands were for the film
* Future Gamer: The Matrix Online – See how the Matrix story continues in the video game
* Before the Revolution – Explore the story before the revolution
* 3-D Evolution – Scroll through Concept Art, Storyboards and more in this interactive feature
* Owen’s Army: The Australian Art Dept. – Take a look at how these amazing sets were constructed
* 2nd Unit: A World of Their Own – Spend some time with the 2nd Unit Crew
* Bill Pope: Cinematographer of The Matrix – Bill Pope offers insights to the filming of the Trilogy
* Masters of Light and Shadow – Meet the folks that light up the sets
* Coat Check – Take a look at how this virtually stunning fight sequence was achieved
* Upside-down Under- Join the stunt coordinators as they explain in detail what had to be done for this film
* Fast Break – Go behind the scenes and look at how the Special Effects for the film was created
* Exploding Man – Follow Leo Henry as he shows you some of his craft
* Gun Club – Enter the armory and take a look at the guns that were used
* The Extras of Club Hel – Meet the extras from Club Hel
* Geography of Zion – Take a look at all the different parts that make up Zion
* The Ships – Learn how the ships got their looks
* Tour of the Neb – Join Owen Paterson taking a tour of the Nebuchadnezzar
* Matrix TV – Meet the crew behind all the screen graphics
* Logos Fight Expansion – Take a behind the scenes look at the only fight that does not take place in the Matrix
* Dig This
* The Siege Action Match
* Anatomy of a Shot: Mifune’s Last Stand
* Building an APU
* Product of Zion – Sit down with the cast as they discuss their characters and how they got their roles
* Revolutionary Composition
* The Glue – Meet the editing team and see how the film comes together
* Dane Tracks – Hear from Sound Designer Dane Davis as he discusses his contribution to the film
* Cause and Effects – Meet the VFX team and see what it took to complete all the shots in the film
* Trailers

Disc #5 – The Animatrix

* The Second Renaissance Part I Commentary by Mahiro Maeda
* The Second Renaissance Part II Commentary by Mahiro Maeda
* Program Commentary by Yoshiaki Kawajiri
* World Record Commentary by Takeshi Koike
* Scrolls to Screen: The History and Culture of Anime
* Making Final Flight of the Osiris
* Making The Second Renaissance Parts I & II
* Making Kid’s Story & A Detective Story
* Making Program
* Making World Record
* Making Beyond
* Making Matriculated

Disc 6 & 7 The Matrix Experience Bonus Discs

# Return to Source: Philosophy & the Matrix (AKA. Brainiac’s Revenge)
# The Hard Problem: The Science Behind the Fiction
# The Burly Man Chronicles
# Pre-Production
# Alameda Shoot
# Australia Shoot
# The Zion Archive – Photo galleries
# The Rave Reel
# The Matrix Online
# 2 Music Videos, Theatrical Trailers and TV Spots