Shimano shifts to electronic set up for road bikes

By offering electronic shifting, Shimano is sure to stir up the pot. Anytime anything new comes to anything in sports, people get all up and excited. Why should cycling be any different? The introduction of electronic shifting is actually not a new thing, but battery life and weight constraints have made the technology unfeasible. But all that is about to change.

With a digital set up, the lack of moving parts would enable the bicyclist further advantage by reducing wear and dirt build up. Self-calibrating, the set up reduces variables the rider would traditionally be affected by. Oh, and it would be fast. Like instantaneous fast.

Consisting of a Li-ion battery, a wiring harness, two modified derailleurs and two brake and shift levers, the Di2 will actually weigh in at less than the current offerings. In a competitive sport where seconds and weight are of great importance, the D12 looks to make an immediate splash as it becomes available in shops starting in January 2009.