The behind-the-scenes story of Xbox Live


You gamers should know how great Xbox Live can be, but do you know how the service came about, or what Microsoft’s plans for it in the future are? (You may also know how incompetent many XBL players are—playing Team Fortress 2, it never ceases to amaze me that on my team of eight players, six were engineers, one was a useless dunce, and I was the only scout trying to get the briefcase. Teamwork!)

If you’re even remotely interested in that, I suggest you make your way on over to the recently revamped Edge Online, which has a nice little feature on Xbox Live. Given that it’s from Edge, a magazine I’ve praised here many times in the past, you can expect all sorts of Big Boy treatment of the topic.

If you like Edge, may I also suggest the Game Theory podcast, which similarly treats video games as a proper topic, and not like some pastime for kids?