UK Hacker is doing all he can not to get extradited to the US

In a last ditch effort Gary McKinnon, the UK hacker who allegedly hacked in to the Pentagon, is now taking his case to the European Court on Human Rights. McKinnon feels that his human rights were violated when the U.S. offered him a plea-bargain (something the UK courts to not do) to get a lighter sentence. He felt that by accepting this he would be opting himself out of a fair trial. Of course, he’s already admitted he did the crimes, having left a melodramatic note on the system saying among other things:

“I am SOLO. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels…”

Since he didn’t take the plea-bargain he now faces 8-10 years in a medium- or high-security U.S. prison if he gets extradited. So I don’t blame him for trying to keep it in the EU, but it looks like he’s prolonging the inevitable at this point.