Video game intros that make us want to go back in time

Ah, video game introduction sequences. Some times (all too many times) they are better than the game itself. Be that as it may be, Boing Boing rounded up 10 or 12 game intros they liked, and after spending entirely too much time watching them decided to pass along their collection.

From the live action B-movie madness of Resident Evil, to the cheesy as hell Metal Combat intro, there’s enough fodder here to waste half a day. All were thoroughly enjoyable, even the 7 minutes and 20 seconds of excruciating dialogue in Megarace 2. I’ve taken the liberty of adding year or release and platform so you can get your bearings. Make sure those speakers are turned up. List below…

Soul Edge
1996, PlayStation

Pit Fighter
1990, Arcade

Final Fight CD
1993, Sega CD

Megarace 2
1996, PC

Deus Ex
2000, PS2

1994, PC

Metal Combat
2006, PC

Resident Evil
1996, PlayStation

1998, PlayStation

System Shock
1994, Mac

Zero Wing
1991, Sega

YouTube away at: Boing Boing