WoW causes more woe for Glider bot-maker MDY

Last month, Blizzard, the makers of World of Warcraft, won their case over MDY and Michael Donnelly, creator of grindbot software Glider. Now, Blizzard wants to make sure the code never sees the light of day.

Blizzard won the case by arguing that since Glider was loaded into RAM, it could be considered a copyright violation. Blizzard also won in its summary judgment motion on grounds that Glider interfered with Blizzard’s relationship with its customers.

Since Blizzards request to shut down MDY’s Glider was not included in the summary judgment, Blizzard has since filed a motion asking for a permanent injunction. While they were at it, they included wording that would prohibit the open sourcing of the code.

With copyright and open source issues at stake, expect for this case to keep getting attention as it progresses. If the two sides don’t settle first, the case would go before a jury in September. However, a jury trial appears unlikely since Blizzard already won the key judgments.