Proper Xbox 360 price cut in September: $199 Arcade SKU


Expect a true, proper Xbox 360 price cut next month. (The current, “while supplies last” price cut on the old premium model doesn’t really qualify as a price cut, IMO.) This scan places the Arcade at $199 (down from $279), the Premium (with 60GB HDD) at $299 (down from $349), and the Elite (with 120GB HDD) at $399 (down from $449).

Most of you (“gamers”) would do well to get the $299 Premium model, with its 60GB HDD being a decent size for demos, a few TV shows, and the like. Mommy and daddy types shopping for Junior’s birthday present would be hard pressed to pass up on the $199 Core/Arcade SKU.

The price cut had to happen. Looking at the most recent NPD numbers (discussed in depth on a recent Game Theory podcast), you can see just how well the PS3 is selling—Metal Gear Solid 4 has much to do with that, you’d have to say. (Wii sales are a whole different animal, of course.) A price cut right before the beginning of the holiday shopping season would do well to keep Microsoft on the up and up.

So yeah, hold off on buying an Xbox 360 till next month.