Psystar may play the anti-trust card against Apple

Last week I reported that Psystar retained Carr & Ferrell, the law firm that stood up to Apple and won. This week Colby Springer, one of the lawyers working on the case, hinted at their legal strategies during an interview on Thursday.

Springer told reporters:

“They came to us, I think, because this is a much bigger issue than just copyright,”

He didn’t go in to detail, but he did hint at the fact that they will play the anti-trust card if the case goes to trial. Springer was quick to point out that the law firm has experience in anti-trust cases.

Other attorneys studying the case say that Pststar may have a hard time getting that argument to stick. One angle they might take is to attack Apple’s exclusive licensing on its prized OS.

Depending on how things go, Apple could have a lot at stake if this makes it to trial.