Netflix charges more for Blu-ray discs; loves streaming

Confirmation came Monday from Netflix that the movie rental giant is charging more for Blu-ray discs in a test program. No hard and fast pricing is available yet as the company is determining a pricing model. One thing for sure though, is that Blu-ray discs cost more, and Netflix is looking to pass along the extra charge.

While Netflix is charging more for some DVD’s, they are charging less – or nothing for other services. They recently announced the availability of free, streamed content for subscribers of Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold service.

Clearly Netflix wants to stream into your living room. Just last week they announced a partnership with LG, bringing streaming content for owners of their new upcoming Blu-Ray player, the LG BD300. Any subscribers of the one-movie-a-month plan can utilize the service, and still get the physical disc too.

Currently over 12,000 titles are available for streaming, but no word yet on when high-def versions will be available. Considering Netflix postal bill, I’m sure they are working on it.