Six new Apple patents published: MacBook design, iPod stand, speech…

Today the US Patent & Trademark Office released into the public six recently granted patents for Apple. We’re all pretty familiar with the MacBook design by now, but some of the other things might not look so familiar.

The six new patents for Mac are:

Stand/Dock for the Apple iPhone. Originally filed in September 2007.

Computing Device
MacBook design. Originally filed in October 2007.

Electronic Device Holder
iPod lanyard/earbud assembly. Originally filed in March 2007.

Method and Apparatus for Backlighting a Device
Specific light distribution in relation to a keyboard. Originally filed in June 2005.

Data-Driven Global Boundary Optimization
Text-to-speech synthesis. Originally filed in October 2003.

Circuits and Methods for Amplifying Signals
Power supply compensation circuit in class D modulators. Originally filed for in June 2006.

Check out macnn for a nice round up with pictures of all the granted patents.