VUDU to offer adult content from AVN, I'm never leaving home

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I do not want to see this man in HD

Vudu announced late last night that they would begin offering adult content in conjunction with AVN. Titles from various studios like Vivid, Wicked and Hustler among many others will flood your set top box in HD (on some titles). The way it’s set up is so pervy and yet fantastic. You can find titles based on your favorite ‘performer’ or sort through studios and genres.

And don’t worry about little Bobby coming across a golden shower with grandma in the room because your Vudu box won’t be able to access the AVN channel until you verify your age online. Once that’s done, you can go in and set the parental controls however you see fit.

I’m feeling kind of sick all of a sudden. Maybe I’ll take the day off and sit on the couch.