Zune to be a Nokia Platform?

News has recently leaked that Nokia may be working with Microsoft’s Zune team to integrate Zune Marketplace content on their mobile phones. This will come as a surprise to those who saw Zune as a platform for Windows mobile devices to compete with the iPhone, but, as ZuneScene points out, it may be an attempt by Microsoft to develop multiple angles of attack on the juggernaut of high end mobile devices that is the iPhone.

This would be an interesting move by Nokia also, especially considering that they do not support windows mobile on their devices. It is the complete opposite of the Symbian-Android open source operating system that was rumored to be in the works a few weeks ago. Such a partnership would actually make more sense, but the rumor was quickly extinguished by both sides.

What this does tell us, if the source is credible, is that neither Microsoft or Nokia thinks they can take on Apple in the 3G space by themselves. Both companies have long been scrutinized for their inability to tackle Apple in the 3G mobile space; Nokia especially due to their specialty in the realm. And though Nokia has seen tremendous success in India and other foreign markets, they must develop 3G platform that can compete with Apple as mobile technology progresses, and as Apple begins to expand overseas. Nokia still maintains a large lead in the market, but is seeing it slowly slip away.

Nokia also must be wary of Google’s Android, which is also taking the open source route to compete in the market. Though there has been dissension between Google and Android over use of the open source stack, Google is always the last person you want as a primary competitor.