Easy Wii hack for region-free gaming coming soon

A lot of people are annoyed that the Wii is not a region-free system. They’re quick to point out that the PS3 is 100% region-free and most of Xbox 360 games (about 50-70%) are too.

A few people in the DCEmu community feel the same way and are working on a mod chip-free hack. It’s called the Homebrew channel, it will allow region-free gaming and channels. It’s also said that it will let you skip the nagging health warnings. Its not out yet, but they posted a video of what they have so far.

I am not sure why people think this is a big deal, I don’t have the desire to play a game in a language I can’t read. I also don’t have a problem waiting for games to come out my region. Then again, it would be nice to be able to disable those stupid warnings every time I play a game.