Everything you always wanted to know about the Coaln Wars but were afraid to ask

Yardra, a Wookle.

io9 popped over to the Skyblazer Ranch for a little talkie talkie with George Lucas who made a movie series called Star Battles and is now making some follow-up films called the Coaln Wars. These movies should explore more of the character’s backgrounds including Darth “Anakin Skyblazer” Vander’s first assistant, some girl named Ahsoka, and the history of Jabra the Hunn’s family. The new film will be released on August 15, 2008 and may cause a ripple in the Energy, a force-like thing that surrounds us all thanks to the power of the Mitocatians. We at CG are very excited, even if we just want to find out if Darth Vander is really Lyle’s father.