Konami makes good-night stories digital

In case your kids are bored by passively consuming the stories you read to them, the Tereshibai from Konami [JP] might come to the rescue. Too bad it’s Japanese only at this point but it looks like a cool concept.

The Tereshibai comes in the form of a remote (a little similar to a Wiimote) that just needs to be connected to a TV. Kids can then choose between 10 pre-installed fairy tales (from Japan, Andersen and the Grimm brothers), which are illustrated in anime style on the screen. While the visuals can’t be altered, a parent can read aloud the words displayed on the screen in her or his own voice to actually tell the story (the Tereshibai is equipped with a built-in mic).

If you have an annoying voice (as I do, for example), you can just use the Tereshiba’s voice tuning function. In case your kid gets tired of the pre-programmed contents, users can plug the device into their PC’s USB port and download additional stories from the Konami web site (for $3 each).

The Tereshiba goes on sale tomorrow and costs $49.

Via Trends in Japan