Nikon D90: 12 megapixels, GPS, and video capture?

Has Nikon taken a few too many battery grips to the head? The D90, purportedly the replacement for the sub-$1000 D80 DSLR, is said to feature video recording in its Live View mode. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure video recording is nice to have, but what market are they looking at here? The video will almost certainly be inferior to a dedicated video device, and the people willing to shell out $1000 for a camera and couple lenses are likely to either be in still photography only or have a separate device for video already. Video and Live View on DSLRs seem like selling points at about the $500 price point or below, but once you get into enthusiast territory, consumer features tend to weigh a product down rather cause it to stand out from the pack.

All that said, it’s still unconfirmed (though the tipper is pretty confident), and no one has actually seen the video yet, so it could be great. Here’s hoping.