Piper Jaffray says Apple will hold special event next month

special event
As they’ve done for the last three years, Apple is expected to hold an event next month to unveil new iPods and possibly new MacBooks. Gene Munster believes the iPod shuffle and iPod nano will increase in capacity and the iPod touch is also expected to get a redesign and price drop to fall in line with the new iPhone pricing.

“We note that the MacBook has had the same design since its launch over two years ago, and the MacBook Pro has had essentially the same design since its launch over 2.5 years ago, which was very similar in design to the PowerBook G4 released over 5.5 years ago,” he told clients. “To compare, the long-running iMac G5 design lasted three years.”

Analysts and tech pundits alike believe Apple will drop the price of the MacBook to $999.

“Currently, these gestures require the same touch-sensing technology used in the iPhone, but they use a traditional looking trackpad,” the analyst told clients. “Eventually, we expect Apple to change the trackpad to backlit color screens for a more dynamic user interface on the Mac.”

But don’t expect a full touchscreen MacBook for another two or three years, says Munster.