Remote control HDMI switch looks simple, awesome

I don’t know why this isn’t a standard at this point. We’ve all got a ton of systems, inputs, outputs, displays, so we need a switcher, obviously. But we’ve also got a nice place to sit and maybe a romantic interlude happening so maybe we’d rather not get up to switch the switch from one’s Netflox 360 to one’s Al Green CD, or perhaps one’s Vudu porn box, depending on the circumstances. It’d be nice at those times to have this simple little IOGear A/V switcher remote setup with spots for four HDMI outputs.

Unfortunately for me, I’m kind of a last-generation guy, so I’d need spots for component, composite, and DVI, but for those of you with lots of HDMI-compatible devices, this seems like a no-brainer. It costs $90 and should be available now. Kind of expensive but honey, you deserve it. [via Blast]