Seiko Epson presents direct-view 3D-display for mobile phones

Seiko Epson developed a display for mobile phones which makes it possible for users to view 3D images without having to wear 3D glasses. The 2.57-inch prototype features a pixel count of 1024×768 (XGA).

The company claims their direct-view displays will deliver 3D images in high quality due to their high pixel count. Seiko Epson uses lenticular lenses to create the 3D effect, arrays of tiny convex lenses, designed so that when viewed from different angles, different images are seen.

Lenticular lenses make sure each eye sees only one image at a time. The display is viewed by human eyes from different angles so that in result a 3D image is created in the brain.

Seiko Epson says mass-production of their 3D technology is scheduled to begin in about 2 years.

Via Tech-On