App Store: PhoneSaber is now gone

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I was just tooling around in the app store looking to send over the link for PhoneSaber to my friend and it’s gone! The only thing that comes up is iSaber, which isn’t very good. A quick look at the publisher’s page confirms this and it looks like THQ Wireless has asked MacBox to take down the app on behalf of Lucas Arts.

Good news and bad news, PhoneSaber fans.

As of now, PhoneSaber will no longer be available, I’ve had a chat with a guy from THQ Wireless (who own the rights for Star Wars apps on mobiles) and apparently the guys from Lucas don’t want it up there anymore. They didn’t want to go down the attacking cease and desist route, so we’re being dealt with very amicably.

They want to do some sort of official, Star Wars branded version of PhoneSaber, and will be working with us on that one. I don’t know any information beyond that, whether they plan to charge for it, advertise with it or what, but we’ll keep you updated on as much as we’re allowed to tell you.

Apologies to everyone who loved PhoneSaber, we didn’t really have much choice in the matter, but hopefully the official version will carry on being awesome where PhoneSaber left off.

TheMacBox will be continuing to make awesome stuff, including some great pay-for games, and some more awesome free apps.