Sharp AQUOS TVs help you find the Funspot

Can’t get enough Sudoku on your laptop, mp3 player, smartphone, dumbphone, portable Sudoku player, gaming console, or from one of those little Sudoku books? Fear not! Now you can get it beamed straight to your TV.

Accedo Broadband today announced that they have added their “Funspot” casual gaming service to any net-enabled Sharp AQUOS TV. Through the Sharp AQUOS Net feature, gamers can access tv-optimized games of various genres, using the TV’s remote as the controller.

Based off my experiences with the games streamed to cable and satellite boxes, the term “casual gaming” is often used in place of “crap games no one can stand to play”. While that very well may not be the case here, I’ve been burned by horrible-crap animations and 15 second button-to-response delays enough times to have a bias here. Anybody out there with a Sharp AQUOS Net-enabled TV want to let me camp out on their couch for a few hours?