TASCAM's GT-R1 lets you play the guitar/bass poorly wherever you are

Like many of that age, my junior high self was completely convinced that a guitar was an instant ticket to Awesomeville. I’d learn a chord or two and find myself surrounded by groupies and body guards, my only responsibility being finding new places to put my piles of money. Life would be easy. Turns out, I couldn’t play the guitar for crap. If I had TASCAM’s GT-R1, it all would have been different. I could have sucked at guitar on-the-go.

The portable, re-chargeable GT-R1 allows guitarists/bassists to shred directly to MP3 or WAV, stored through the device’s SD slot (1 GB included in the box). With the built-in stereo condenser mics, you can prove to your friends that only four people booed at your last street corner concert.

Got friends who want to jam? With two line-ins, you can throw some mics (or any instrument with a line out) into the mix. No friends? Load up an MP3 – Ta-da, now you’re chillin with Clapton. If Slowhand is a bit too slow for you, the guitar/bass trainer can change up the speed without wrecking the pitch. Add in the built-in multi effect and the 55 preset rhythm patterns, and you’re all set to rock the hell out on the bus.

Look for this one on the shelves for 200€ (around $308) come August 26th.

[Via Engadget]