BBC loses precious children’s data

Really, your child is not that cute.

Yes, I’m sure you think your child is adorable, but unfortunately, he, she or it just doesn’t have what we are looking for. Thank you for your time… and your information.

The BBC is responsible for a stolen data stick that contained the private information of hundreds of children. The group of children auditioned for an upcoming BBC show, called Gastronauts, aimed for educating children about how food is grown, made, and marketed. However, it would seem that more than the children are getting a schooling.

The lost data included names, addresses and availability. Parents were notified by letter, which also included something of an apology:

I am sorry to let you know that Objective Productions have informed us that a computer memory stick has gone missing…Let us know should anything happen that gives you cause for concern.

The BBC suspended production of the program, pending an investigation.

Moral of the story: Quit trying to get your damn kids on the tele. They’ll only end up as freakish weird grown-ups anyways. Why would you want to do that to them? Stop the madness.