Hybrid Vehicles: It’s quiet out there, a little too quiet

We’ve all heard the whispers and murmurs regarding adding artificial noise to hybrid cars so that pedestrians don’t get hit and it appears that we’re heading in that direction for real. Lotus is working on artificial engine noise and there’s apparently even a $300 module you can add to your Toyota Prius to give it that throaty vroom-vroom sound it’s been missing.

This all begs the question: why engine noise? If we’re going to add artificial noise to hybrid cars, why can’t it be something that sounds less annoying than a car engine? I’m thinking something along the lines of a low hum or maybe the sound that all the space cars on the Jetsons made. There’d be a whole secondary market for personalized engine noise, kind of like ringtones for your car.

If you had a hybrid car and could add your own engine sound, what would it be?

[Techdirt via BBG]