iPhone: Dial from your GrandCentral number with GrandDialer

Being that I have a few more cell phones laying around than I actually need, I hearts me some GrandCentral. Thing is, dialing out so that your GrandCentral number shows on caller IDs is a bit of a pain. The mobile site (http://grandcentral.com/mobile) certainly helps, but it’s still a half-dozen extra steps we’d rather not take.

Realizing this, GGT Enterprises has gone and simplified things for anyone with an iPhone in their GrandCentral armory, with the release of their new app, GrandDialer.

It’s pretty simple: You dial a number, and hit the call button. GrandDialer establishes a connection with GrandCentral, calls you back, and then calls the recipient. The benefit? The recipient’s caller id shows your GrandCentral number, making return calls a whole lot simpler while solidifying your GC number as the primary way to reach you.

Check it out, it’s free (iTunes link)!

[Via TUAW]