Griffin’s new iTrip could save a low-tech party from bad music

This always seems to happen to me: I go to a party and find that the host has horrible taste in music. It’s usually hair bands form the 80’s or something like that. Since I am not afraid to voice my opinion, I tell them that no one likes this music. After the rest of the guests back me up, they usually tell me to put on whatever I want.

This is where the problem starts. I have no way to get my music from my mp3 player to their outdated stereo. Luckily, this same situation must have happened to the guys at Griffin since they came out with a solution, called iTrip Universal.

The iTrip Universal can work with any audio source (not just an iPod) that uses a 1/8” jack. On top of that it has a rechargeable battery built-in, which charges via USB port. It can also save three programmable presents, which is handy if you’re using it in your car.

If the iTrip Universal works as well as Griffin’s other FM Transmitters, you should have no problem saving a party from bad hair metal.