Kyosho rolls out new indoor model chopper

Kyosho is presenting a new model chopper for indoor use, which will go on sale in Japan at the beginning of September. The company is also present in the US (as Kyosho America). Their web site even features the Minium AD Caliber 120 Readyset already but price or availability for the US market are unknown at this point.

The radio-controlled model plane (4-channel, 2.4 GHz) can be safely used in living rooms. It is able to ascend, descend, stop in midair, back up, and also to bank to the right and left. Kyosho says it’s the first micro-sized model chopper that features cyclic control.

The Minium AD Caliber 120 is 30g light, 120mm long and powered by 4 AA batteries. Japanese buyers will have to pay $240 for the kit.