Nintendo asks Miyamoto to keep his hobbies hush hush

Sounds a bit Orwellian, but when you think about it, it’s probably a good idea to gag the guy. After all, the man starts doing something, gets an idea into his head, then makes a million-seller about it. If EA hears the guy talk about how he’s taken up curling, then jumps Nintendo’s gun and comes to market with a sweet curling game, suddenly Nintendo is out about a gazillion dollars all because their dude likes to talk about his hobbies.

Do you think there’s some higher power keeping the Steve from voicing his interests? After all, it’s probably even more of a sure bet that something Steve likes or doesn’t like will be reflected in the next Apple product. Seriously, next time you’re hanging out with Steve Jobs, pay close attention and tell us if he expresses frustration with his toaster oven or prototype airship. [via]