Sanyo Katana Eclipse on the way, launches on Bell Mobility

The Sanyo Katana was just one of those phones that just stayed on the shelves for way longer than anyone expected. But why? Sure, it had some pretty well-marketed TTY features, but that’s nothing unique. Oh – and it was Dr. Turk’s phone on Scrubs. Whatever the cause, it’s one of the few phones that Sprint might still pitch at you two years after launch.

Well, it’s time for a revamp, with the soon-to-be-released Katana Eclipse. While it’s not out for us US-dwellin’ folk just yet, Bell Mobility started hawkin’ it up in Canada as of this morning.

If you’re itchin’ to be the first with the phone that they’ll be selling for the next few years, look for the Katana Eclipse at $49.49/99.95/224.95/274.95 on 3-year/2-year/1-year/no-contract, respectively.