AMD taking the bullet train to Splitsville?


Advanced Micro Devices is apparently getting set to split up into two companies, according to TG Daily. There are two fluffy, happy, candy-cane strategies currently in place, one called Asset Light and one called Asset Smart. It looks like each may become more than just a strategy, though, as they’re expected to split into two distinct companies in a matter of weeks.

The two companies are rumored to be a development company and a manufacturing company. It’s speculated that the development company will be run by new CEO Dirk Meyer and that former CEO Hector Ruiz might be tapped to run the manufacturing company. Ruiz recently stepped down as CEO but remained on AMD’s board.

Grains of salt, here, as nothing’s been set in stone. We should know more in the coming weeks, though. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to ATI as well.