Another take on E3: Mirror's Edge sucks, Fable 2 rocks

No, that’s not my opinion. I’m looking forward to both, but this guy from Variety thinks that Mirror’s Edge is gimmicky — “a hot chick in the future who does parkour” — and talks up Fable 2 like it’s, well, what everybody wanted Fable to be. We’ll see. I think Mirror’s Edge has a great team behind it, and despite the hype (I remember reading about it in Edge like 2 years ago) I think it will actually have a unique feel and look, and my actually be fun and different. I’m looking forward to Fable 2 as well, but Fable was disappointing and its sequel has some fundamental problems to overcome.

Anyhow, it’s good to hear discussion of E3 other than people saying “God, E3 sucked this year!” Chill out people, it’s about the games!