Dell — The New Latitudes — Live from SFMOMA

I’m at the Dell Event at SFMOMA, waiting for the fun to get started… We got some notebooks… The New Latitude Product Launch.

…and here we go. Live updates after the jump.

    The event is over. Here are the entries from oldest to newest.

    four new laptops… ‘dawn of the connected era’

    TEN new laptops

    buncha stats about needing instant connectivity everywhere, always

    longer battery time, instant on – solutions for the ‘digital nomad’, in fact

    product line… business notebooks…

    Dell Latitude

    all day computing, security, durable

    3,200 prototype test units: WANT

    19 hr battery

    centrino 2 vpro

    waiting for the rahrah to pass – need meat

    here comes

    connect 5 different ways – e6400

    5400 category – price performance

    SSD drive, small netbook

    eww, pink

    blue looks cool

    e6400 atg – rugged, outside visible screen

    not just rugged, ruggedized. shock absorbers and such

    80% charge in one hour for the 19 hr battery

    backlit keyboard

    easy off/on

    wifi, bluetooth 2.1,UWB,GPS, WiMAX

    security… notebook tracking

    wipe and delete info remotely

    dell stores password, etc in an off-line system – end user profiles…for security.

    single frame magnesium alloy – metal hinges

    big hinges, zinc – look strong

    15, 17 inch models too

    now talking about periperals

    consistency across family

    now greenspeak.

    carbon neutral IT provider, 99% recyclable packaging, etcetc.

    working in the lab… here we go…

    instant access/always on – Dell Latitude On

    instant access email, etc w/o CPU

    no need to boot up

    coming soon – later this year

    wrapping up… 7 latitudes, 3 precisions

    gonna go play with these things – photos and posts later, later!