Fire Eagle's page design looks mighty familiar..

Fire Eagle, Yahoo’s platform built specifically for storing/broadcasting your current location, opened its doors to the public today. For the first time, any joe off the street can check out what Fire Eagle has to offer. Lets take a lo.. wait a second. I’ve seen this layout before.

Rolling green hills populated with round-cornered buildings and perfectly circular trees, hovering above center oriented, round-cornered blocks.

(Correction made to post – see bottom)

It’s the Twitterfone layout, but with less cars and hazier skies.

Did the Twitterfone designer get hired for a second job and decide to stick with what they know, or is someone just taking the sincerest form of flattery to an extreme?
Correction: Looks like I got my dates mixed up. Fire Eagle has apparently had this layout for quite some time – it just went over my head until now. Shows me for posting at the tail end of a long day. I’ll go dig to see where the hills first rolled – In the mean time, I owe everyone involved a beer. I’ll go ahead and leave this up to remind myself not to make stupid mistakes.