Fuji makes previously leaked point-and-shoots official

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On the first of this month half a dozen Fuji cameras were leaked by the Canadian Fuji site, but Fuji remained tight lipped about it until today with the official unveiling of the J150w, J120, J110w, J100, S2000HD and F60fd. Hit the jump for the quick and dirty on each new Fuji.

The S2000HD with its 10 million effective pixels captures video (1280×720, MPEG4) and stills (1920×1080) in HD and zooms in up to 15x. It has roughly 55MB of internal storage and supports SD/HC memory cards. While a 2.7-inch LCD is nothing to scoff at you’ll want to hook up the S2kHD to your HDTV via HD out. Sadly, it doesn’t have HDMI.

The F60fd seems to be the cream of the crop and has automatic scene recognition for those incapable of deciding for themselves which is best. Or you could learn to use the manual settings and not have washed out photos. Just a thought. Are 12-megapixels really necessary? The F60fd accept xD (up to 2GB) and SD/HC memory cards.

The J series all feature 5x optical zoom and a 10-megapixle sensor. Those with a ‘w’ in their nomenclature are considered wide-angle.