Go to your local Sheraton tomorrow to play with a Surface

Microsoft is rolling out the Surface into a bunch of Sheraton Hotel lobbies tomorrow. Unfortunately, it’s not the Surface Sphere, but from what I saw back in June, the flat one should be quite enough to keep people’s attention.

It’s free to use and of course free to look, so stop by a lobby tomorrow on your lunch break and give the thing a touch. If you haven’t seen enough video of the thing yet, here’s some Microsoft marketing for you.

Click below to see if your city is included in the rollout. (it’s kinda limited)

Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers (3 units)

Sheraton Boston Hotel (2 units)

Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers (3 units)

Sheraton Seattle (3 units)

Sheraton Gateway San Francisco Hotel Airport (2 units)