Vongo shutting down, paving way for Starz Play


So long-o, Vongo. The $9.99 per month unlimited movie streaming site is no longer accepting new subscribers. The service will instead be replaced by the $5.99 per month Starz Play offering, powered by Verizon. Starz ran Vongo so it’s not really huge news either way – kind of a lateral move, except four bucks cheaper per month.

While the idea of unlimited movie watching for one low monthly price is certainly a good one, the selection of around 2,500 movies leaves a bit to be desired: Bad Boys, Click, Daddy Day Camp, Gone Baby Gone, The Mummy, Spider Man 3, etc. Plus, you have to install special software to watch the movies, which can be a turn off for some.

Still, $6 a month for unlimited (albeit older) titles isn’t too bad if you really love movies.

[via NewTeeVee]