What's eating the iPhone's 3G?

When reception is low, the first one up on the ranter’s chopping block tends to be the carrier. Such is the case for AT&T; since the iPhone 3Gs launch, much flack has been sent their way over lackluster 3G signal, slow speeds, and dropped calls on the device.

Thing is, AT&T doesn’t seem to be the one we should be pointing a finger at. Complaints of poor 3G reception have been ringing in from users around the globe, on a multitude of carriers. Pop your SIM card into another 3G device. If you have the same experience we had, your signal oughtta notably improve.

That eliminates the signal output as the source of the problem, leaving only that which lays on the input side of the equation: the hardware itself, the software running within, or a combination of both. After seeing a small improvement in 3G signal following the 2.0.1 update, I’m hedging a hopeful bet on it being an issue fixable via software updates.