Cannonball Run ready Audi R8 'Blackbird'

This isn’t Burt Reynolds car. There are so many gadgets seamless built into this Audi R8 that it blows our, and Alex Roy’s, mind. If there ever was a car built specifically for underground, coast-to-coast, high-speed racing, this is it. Kind of makes you wonder if it was built to beat Roy’s 31 hour, 4 minute New York to Santa Monica Pier run.

What we think is the Audi’s complete inventory:

  • Liquid-cooled infrasonic wave pulse generator (Might be to disrupt the infrared laser and radar detector guns but we really don’t know)
  • Four GPS units
  • Uniden Police Scanner
  • Valentine One Radar detector
  • Rearview mirror Passport 9500 radar detector
  • WiFi
  • Tablet PC with Google Earth
  • Dual Bluetooth GPS units
  • Cobra CB Radio
  • PA with full police sirens
  • Take down lights
  • Radar gun
  • Laser speed detector gun
  • Three SD video cams
  • Switchable rear-lights
  • Rear Strobe lights
  • Remote control exhaust system

via Autoblog

Video after the break.