Hands-on: Case Mate's iPhone 3G accessories


My iP3G has been taking a beating for the last month since launch and it has its fair share of bumps and bruises. No cracked case, thankfully. I’m not big on cases for phones because I think it takes away from the simplicity and beauty of certain devices. The iP3G looks great, but when you look at it up close after a month of use you can definitely see the scratches and imperfections. I’m not likely to sport the outer shell cases from Case-Mate on a daily basis, but I will wrap my iP3G with the clear cases immediately. Overall, the cases themselves are pretty sturdy and don’t look all that bad. I’m just not a big fan of cases in general. Check them all out after the jump.

Carbon Fiber Leather iPhone 3G Cases $49.99


Signature Series Leather Cases for iPhone 3G $34.99


Second Skin Cases for iPhone 3G $24.99


Universal Privacy Screen Pro $9.99


Also received, but not photographed were the Clear Armor for iPhone 3G ($19.99) and Screen Protectors for Apple iPhone 3G ($9.99).