Logitech V550 cordless mouse clips to your notebook


Here’s a cordless mouse from Logitech. What’s different about it? Well, there’s a tiny USB receiver that you can keep plugged into your USB port all the time without worrying about snapping it off. Also, you can “dock” the mouse to your notebook using the provided clip that you see there. It’s apparently easy to attach and easy to remove, although I’m not sure what kind of stickum is used to provide said adhesion.

The idea here, according to Logitech, is that “you’ll have one less thing to carry” from room to room. This mouse takes the idea of portability to a whole new level…because it clips to your notebook. I see. And the price for portability-leveling? It’s $59.99.

V550 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks [Logitech.com]