Sega Toys sells ultra-cute and girls-only portable music player

Sega Toys has started selling Soundcarrier Party on the Japanese market, a portable music player “for females only”, as the company says in the official press release [JP, PDF]. It’s available in white and, of course, pink. No word on a possible US-release yet but in Japan, the player costs just under $100.

The Soundcarrier Party (what a name), which also features a small speaker, is marketed as a must-have accessory specifically for girls aged 8 and older. Buyers can easily attach the player to belts or bags and can display scrollable, self-written messages on its screen.

If you feel it’s time to check your make-up, turn the device and use the mirror attached to its back. Sega Toys also managed to squeeze a tiny accessory case into the device. Girls can also play mini games with the player or get their fortune told.

The Soundcarrier Party can hold music for 120 minutes with its internal memory and also features an SD memory card slot. The player itself is powered by a single AAA battery, while the speaker needs 3 AA batteries.

Sega Toys is planning to sell 80,000 units yearly. Official tagline: “Use it with your friends! It’s cool! Only we can use it! It’s fun and practical!”